Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tour Cancellation plus some good news

Hi y'all,

So as everyone may know by now, we're having to cancel the tour due to some things accumulating in our personal lives. These things have made it impossible for us to tour next month, and we are all super bummed about it. We've put a lot of hard work into making this happen for us, but of course we could not have come even remotely close if it were not for the kindess and generosity of old friends, new friends, and some complete strangers. Thanks to anyone who was willing to book a show for us next month. It means the world to us. This note does not come bearing only bad news, though. We will still be hopping over to South Louisiana for a week or so to work on some new songs for an upcoming split release and a new full length record to hopefully be released next fall. During the trip we'll be playing in New Orleans with Caddywhompus for the CD release show, and playing a house show in Baton Rogue with Thou and Twin Killers; the new project from Andrew Martin, formerly of People of Peru and Landmines, Baby! We'll also be opening up for the mighty mighty Caspian and Arms and Sleepers on their US tour when they come to Austin to play at the Mohawk on April 5th. Also, we'll hopefully be getting a short Southern tour in order very soon. Stay posted our Facebook, twitter, and myspace accounts for news. Hopefully we'll be seeing everyone very soon. Thanks. We love you all!

-Colby and Brother/Ghost

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