Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last night Jasper and I (sterling) attended The Vic Chesnutt Band's performance at the Central Presbyterian Church. The band consisted of Guy Picciotto of Fugazi as well as members of A Silver Mt. Zion and of course Vic himself.
Liz Durrett from Athens, Georgia warmed up the audience with her hauntingly beautiful voice and grungy acoustic guitar.
Then Vic and the gang took the stage. Vic said something along the lines of "We're gonna knock your dick in the dirt with our rock and roll!" he also threw a few "motherfuckers" out there. So after the band gets warmed up and they get rolling with some brutally intense piece featuring Guys screaming guitar and Vics alarmingly passionate vocals, jesus decided that he didnt like the Vic Chesnutt Band and turned off the power.
After the power started up again the rest of the night was absoutely beautiful, awkward, painful, hilarious, and overall the most involving and intimate show Ive ever been to. It was incredible to say the least and I will never forget it.

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